Blog Post #1

Within the time of this course, I want to focus on improving my cooking skills whether that means learning the more scientific side of food, or just learning new recipes all together. I have lived without my parents for a couple years now, and have learned many new ways to shop for groceries and cook for myself based on my weekly schedules and budget. I would like to deepen my understanding for the combinations of flavours and such, making myself more comfortable in the kitchen, as well as more comfortable cooking for friends and family.

After reading the provided article and watching B.F Skinners video, the concept of learning has become more complex to me. As Sorensen-Unrah says, to learn you must put yourself in conditions where your brain may “change in response to stimuli” which means introducing factors that may be unfamiliar to more deeply understand the other aspects. On the other hand, there are things one must avoid to further learn a concept, these being “neuromyths”. These misconceptions include myths that are commonly circulated giving us a false sense of the attempt to “learn” when you are in fact wasting time using inaccurate methods. The most important of these to me is the misconception of the “best learning being within that individuals preferred terms” which seems almost like and excuse for laziness. To avoid this, I will use suggested methods that are academically proved, instead of acting in a way of self interest to further deepen my understanding of certain concepts.

B.F Skinner discusses the aid of repetition and involving technology and educational tools into our learning. When given a specific task during learning, it becomes more of an internal game which makes that particular subject more entertaining and engaging. To apply this to cooking, I would like to locate an activity or program that shows the matching of ingredients and flavours, which will further help me memorize the applications to my cooking. Living in our technological age, I believe that access to certain learning technologies will be much easier then it was back then when you had to get your hands on one of Skinners machines. Another important insight that the video gave me is the importance of taking “small steps” to progress your learning, instead of trying to swallow the whole thing at once (food reference!!). I look forward to using Skinners process to assist me in my cooking journey moving forward!

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